Only God Forgives

Film forums and websites seem to be blowing up with the various updates concerning Star Trek: In To Darkness this week, but while I too am excited about the forthcoming Cumberbatch-fest there is another trailer which has sparked my interest more. After seeing the trailer for Only God Forgives, the second collaboration between Ryan Gosling and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, I felt that shiver of pure film-fanatic exhilaration that unfortunately has become more and more unfamiliar to me with recent releases.

I was a big, big fan of the gritty, stylishly noir Drive and am happy to see more of the same directorial flair in the trailer for Only God Forgives, with the intoxicating mixture of Asian percussion and the suspense-inducing hum of the strings section setting the scene for the tense, moody tone of the trailer itself. I’m always a stickler for a good trailer soundtrack and my God did Refn get this one right, just as he did with his heady concoction of techno and symphony in the trailer for Drive. The divine mixture of East meets West and the vibrant, gritty violence harks back of course to Tarantino’s Kill Bill trilogy, but also to Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy for me, an association which only heightens my anticipation for the film.


There is much speculation as to whether or not this film is a sequel to Refn’s previous film, but I’d say Andrew S Wilson gets it right in his review that the film “will serve as a companion piece to their first collaboration, perhaps the yin to its yang” (read Wilson’s post about it here). Whether the film has anything to do with Drive or not, it is undoubtably one of the most exciting and bold trailers I’ve seen for a while, and if the Palme D’Or nomination the film bagged this week is anything to go by then I’d say we won’t be let down by the full product. Watch the red band trailer for it below.